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Book Sketch: Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye

Circle of Shadows
By: Evelyn Skye
Published By: Balzer + Bray
Release Date: January 22, 2019
Series: Circle of Shadows #1
Pages: 400
Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: Young Adult
Source: Friend
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Goodreads Summary: Sora can move as silently as a ghost and hurl throwing stars with lethal accuracy. Her gemina, Daemon, can win any physical fight blindfolded and with an arm tied behind his back. They are apprentice warriors of the Society of Taigas—marked by the gods to be trained in magic and the fighting arts to protect the kingdom of Kichona.

As their graduation approaches, Sora and Daemon look forward to proving themselves worthy of belonging to the elite group—but in a kingdom free of violence since the Blood Rift Rebellion many years ago, it’s been difficult to make their mark. So when Sora and Daemon encounter a strange camp of mysterious soldiers while on a standard scouting mission, they decide the only thing to do to help their kingdom is to infiltrate the group.Taking this risk will change Sora’s life forever—and lead her on a mission of deception that may fool everyone she’s ever loved.

First Thoughts After Finishing: How am I supposed to wait a year for the next book?

I love a good fantasy story, and adding flair from other cultures is always a bonus. In this case, Evelyn Skye's Asian-influenced fantasy story brought to life worthy fighters in a lush setting infused with magic. Although I have not read Skye's first books, I am convinced that she knows how to tell a good story!

Ten years ago, Kichona citizens were at war in the Blood Rift, until Empress Aki defeated Prince Gin and restored peace. Still, the honorable society of taiga warriors that has always been maintained is alive and well. Sora and Daemon have spent their life training to be taigas. Blessed by the goddess Luna as babies, they were sent to the Academy to learn to fight. On the brink of graduation, they are sent on a mission that will help determine their first official assignment. While returning to the Academy, they catch sight of suspicious activity and hurry back to report their findings to the Council. As it turns out, the Blood Rift might not be over. Sora and Daemon have taken an oath to protect their country, but if they start investigating surreptitious activities, will they be able to protect themselves?

My favorite stories are the ones with multiple layers that are gradually revealed over the course of the book. Circle of Shadows definitely meets that criteria. There is magic in this book, to be sure, but at its heart, this is a story of relationships. I loved the different bonds that were explored—gemina bonds with their loose telepathy, friendship that requires sacrifice, loyalty to cause and country, and the bond between siblings. It was easy to feel the emotions of all the characters coming to life on the page. I also loved the mythology and folklore woven throughout the story. I hope to see more of their legends of gods and goddesses in the next book!

As for the characters themselves, I loved that they retained distinct personalities despite taiga training. Among the four main friends—Sora (Spirit), Daemon (Wolf), Fairy, and Broomstick—each had their own strengths complementary strengths, and respect for those helped them to be such good friends. Throughout the book, these characters must come to terms with what they believe and what they are willing to risk in support of that belief. With shifting POVs, we are given glimpses into each character’s head, and this is definitely a group of friends you would want to have. Their bravery, though not always shown in a conventional way, as well as their creativity and resourcefulness kept me turning the page to see what would happen next. I loved watching Sora grow into the taiga everyone believed her to be, and as I saw so much of myself in Wolf, I couldn’t help but root for him each step of the way.

As far as fantasy stories go, Circle of Shadows was not full of plot twists. The world building, though descriptive, left me confused about the difference in taiga and ryuu magic. As much balance as there seemed to be in this book, it bothered me that Prince Gin seemed to be undefeatable. I hope that this resolves resolves itself in the next book. With that being said, if you enjoy a good fantasy story, you will likely enjoy Circle of Shadows as well.

Most Memorable Aspect: The mythology woven through the story.


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