Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Blast: Shards by Lisa Amowitz

Seventeen-year-old Jeremy Glass never expected to wake up in the hospital one morning with a broken leg. His crush, Susannah, has disappeared, and he doesn’t know where to look for her. What happened on the night she disappeared? Keep reading for a clue:

"'It’s a souvenir from the Kabbalah fair I stumbled onto this weekend. Can you believe it?' She gazes at me as if this bit of information should hold some significance. We are both part Jewish, at least in lineage, though Susannah has always been more into the occult. I keep the Magic 8 Ball she gave me for my tenth birthday in a place of honor with the first track medal I won. For me, her fascination with the spiritual realm has always added to her mystique and made me want her all the more. 'Oh, the trendy spiritual stuff,' I say, stalling for time. 'Isn’t Madonna into that?'"

Dying to know more? You can download the full prequel with all of the beautiful artwork here:


BREAKING GLASS releases today! Read SHARDS, and then proceed to buy BREAKING GLASS - this is one book you do not want to miss! Here's where you can find Lisa Amowitz and BREAKING GLASS online:

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